Admissions Policy


Westcoast International Primary School was founded in 2009 to meet the demand for good-quality, modern, English-medium private education in the fast-growing western region of Mauritius. At the time, private primary schooling options in Black River were extremely limited.

We welcome children throughout the academic year and from many different countries.

  • A child is generally admitted to Year 1 in the year in which (s) he turns six. Prior to confirmation of a place, a child will be invited to attend a 'Discovery Day' at WIPS or a visit to his/her pre-primary school will be organised, the purpose of which is to determine the child's developmental readiness to access the Year 1 programme.
  • Admission remains at the discretion of the school. An appointment for interview may be arranged.
  • A School Readiness Evaluation for Year 1 students will be completed during the Discovery Day and an entrance assessment for older children (i.e. Year 2 and upwards), and/or other tests (e.g. occupational therapist evaluation, hearing and eyesight) are required as a pre-requisite for enrolment.
  • Admission preference is given to certain children but is only confirmed once their enrolment fee and refundable deposit are paid in full (see “Admission priority”).
  • Any child enrolled at the school will remain enrolled until such time as either the parents give the required notice, or the school terminates enrolment (see “Termination of enrolment”). Three months’ written notice is applicable when wishing to terminate.

Admission Priority

“Our founding aim is an international private primary school that is an integrated and united representation of the various cultural and linguistic groups residing within the Black River region of Mauritius.”

  1. Shareholders
  2. Siblings
  3. Staff
  4. Geographical zoning
Bel Ombre, Baie du Cap, Le Morne, La Gaulette, Chamarel, Case Noyale,,Petite Rivière Noire, Grande Rivière Noire, Tamarin, Yemen, Cascavelle, Flic en Flac
ZONE 2Bambous, Albion, Roches Brunes, Quatre Bornes, Beau Bassin, Belle Rose, Rose Hill
ZONE 3Pointe aux Sables to Port Louis
ZONE 4Gros Bois, Phoenix, Vacoas, Curepipe, Floréal, Rose Belle
ZONE 5Rest of the island

Please note:
WIPS gives priority to the catchment area Zone 1.
Due to the rapid growth of the school this policy will be enforced for children who are listed for enrolment from 2016 onwards.
Towns within the different zones are not listed in any chronological order, i.e. children within the same zone are given equal priority and will be listed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Waiting List

  • Please note that in case of exceptional demand, the school has to create a waiting list. This will follow the admission priority.
  • The enrolment fee and refundable deposit must be paid by the due date or else a child’s place will be forfeited in favour of the next name on the list.
  • Parents in Mauritius who fall outside the immediate catchment area as defined above, are urged to also register their children with other schools.
  • Parents applying from overseas are strongly advised to await confirmation of their child’s admission before finalising their plans to move to Mauritius.

Learning Differences And Support

Westcoast International Primary School values the contribution of all its children and is committed to an education that provides the best possible developmental outcome for every child; regardless of background, ability or needs. Since we focus on the optimisation of individual potential, the school endeavours to address and eradicate all barriers to learning and good behaviour.

However, Westcoast International Primary School is not a special needs school and does not have the expertise or staff complement to accommodate children with severe emotional, intellectual or physical disabilities. Our overall objective is to provide children with learning and behavioural differences with a meaningful and respectful experience so as to nurture their self-confidence, dignity and sense of belonging.

The Final Step: Enrolment

- Once all admission criteria are met (i.e. a child’s placement evaluation has been successful, and the Enrolment Pack along with proof of payment have been received, processed and approved), the child’s place in the school is secure.
- Parents should bear in mind that, once paid, enrolment and registration fees are non-refundable.
- Enrolment Packs are given out by the School Administrator. Please ensure that all requested documentation is attached to the Enrolment Form to avoid any delays or rejection of the application:

  • Enrolment Form – signed by both parents, or guardian
  • Confidential Student Record – signed
  • School Regulations – initialled
  • Parent / Guardian Approvals – signed
  • Vaccination Details with a copy of the child’s immunisation card or similar (note that immunisation against tuberculosis, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, haemophilus influenza type B, measles, mumps and rubella are compulsory for admission) – signed
  • Termination of Enrolment Agreement – signed
  • School Fee Payment Contract – signed
  • Standing Order Instruction (for monthly payment of school fees) – correctly filled in, signed and returned to school
  • Privately-Operated School Bus Indemnity Agreement (if applicable) – signed
  • Code of Conduct Contract – signed in duplicate
  • Copy of child’s birth certificate and/or passport
  • Copy of parent / guardian’s ID card and/or passport (for Mauritian nationals only)
  • 1x passport-size photos of the child with name printed on back
  • 1x passport-size photo of parent(s) and/or guardian(s) with name(s) printed on back
  • If applicable, transfer cards and most recent reports and/or assessments from previous school(s) attended must be produced before admission may be granted
  • Proof of enrolment fee payment
  • Proof of payment of refundable deposit (equal to three months’ school fees)


Bank Details
Account name:West Coast Primary School Ltd
Branch:Ruisseau Créole, Rivière Noire
Account number:380523329
Reference:Child’s name

Cheque Payments

Cheques are to be made payable to “West Coast Primary School Ltd”.

Once payment has been effected, please fax a copy of the remittance advice or proof of payment to the school on +230 452 9194 or email

Termination of Enrolment
Termination by The Parent(s)

  • We require one full term's notice (in writing), or equivalent fee, on termination of a child’s enrolment at the school. This also applies to students who leave for secondary schools with a September start date. If the correct notice period is not given, parents will be held liable for a full term’s school fees.
  • Unless unforeseen circumstances apply, parents are urged not to change schools during the academic year as this can be very disruptive to a child.
  • The school will not authorise the release of student records and transfer documents in case of any outstanding fees or school property. Any outstanding fees will be offset against the refundable deposit.
  • Regardless of the period of attendance, the enrolment fee is non-refundable.

Termination by The School

  • Unless prior arrangements have been made, the school reserves the right to terminate a child's enrolment if school fees have not been paid in full by the tenth of the month.
  • A history of non-payment of school fees, or a negative payment track record, will also be grounds for the school to terminate a child’s enrolment.  Students will automatically be re-registered for the next academic year on condition that there are no outstanding fees.
  • Children may be asked to leave without notice if they were enrolled on false pretences, or if their behaviour is found to be consistently unacceptable or disruptive to other children. At no time will one child's inappropriate or negative behaviour be tolerated if it interferes with or hinders the progress and development of the group as a whole (refer to the school’s “Behaviour Policy”).
  • Children need to be at school on a regular basis to benefit from their learning. Children that are frequently absent without notification and/or sufficient reason will be asked to leave.

Please refer any questions regarding admission to the School Administrator who would be happy to assist.